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Code Of Conduct

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All participants in the British Columbia Masters Soccer League (BCMSL) agree to exhibit fair play and honesty while respecting the rules and policies. Once the registration has been reviewed and accepted, all participants of the (BCMSL) are expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner while engaged in BCMSL activities. All participants agree to abide by all BCMSL rules and policies. All participants are encouraged to exercise respectful judgment regarding the safety of all members as well as others.

As a member of BCMSL you are expected to:

a) Have read the rules and policies and agree to compete/participate within the rules and policies
b) Play within the spirit of the league which is to have fun and be social in a sport setting
c) To participate for your own enjoyment and benefit
d) Treat all participants in the sport as you like to be treated with respect
e) Compete/participate in the spirit of fair play and honesty
f) Refrain from verbal and or physical abuse of game officials and other players
g) Refrain from deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent
h) Refrain from using profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the context of BCMSL activities
i) Put the good of the game and your fellow participants‘ safety and enjoyment above the desire to win at all cost
j) Accolade with the opposing team at the end of the game
k) Act in a manner that will bring credit to yourself and to the league within and outside the competition area

BCMSL Standard of Conduct includes but is not limited to:

1. Aggressive Behavior:

a) No participants may promote or engage in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and or other negative conduct, which threatens or endanger the health and safety of any person.
b) No participants may use aggressive words to harass the referees in or outside the field of play.
c) Any participants disregarding the “NON-CONTACT” rule is considered to be behaving aggressively

2. Disorderly Conduct:

a) No participants may engage in disorderly conduct associated with the consumption of alcohol and or illegal substances while engaged in BCMSL activities.

Any violation of the Standard of Conduct may result in penalties, suspension or loss of membership in the league
No refund will be provided for loss of membership privileges due to the breach of the Code of Conduct.