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Over 40 Season End Playoff

To All Managers,


The BCMSL takes this opportunity to thanks everyone for their participation in our inaugural year. It has been a slow start with all the changes implemented, but it has been very positive thanks to your feedback and input. We are now approaching the end of the Winter Season and as promised we are looking at the playoff which will be conducted in the following concept:

Field  :  Ecole De Pionniers (Grass)

1618 Patricia Ave Port Coquitlam .  

  Date:    March 22 (9-5 PM)

Game 1 & 2

·       The Winner of the East Division will play the runner up of the West Division

·       The Winner of the West Division will play the runner up of the East Division

Game 3

Losers of Game 1 & 2 will play for the 3rd. place

Game 4 (Final)

Winners of Game 1 & 2 will play for the championship

Game 1, 2 & 3 will be of 2×30 minutes halves

Game 4 (Final) will be of 2×45 minutes halves


·       All games will be officiated by a central referee and 2 Lines Persons


·       The cost for games 1, 2 & 3 will be shared by the teams at $90 per game (Referee’s Fee $50 + Lines Persons $20).

·       The cost for the Final Game will be covered by the League.

IMPORTANT: All teams must forward their TEAM ROSTER by February 23rd. deadline.


Your collaboration is very much appreciated.