Rules & Policies

Mission Statement

The BCMSL provides the opportunity for lifelong participation in the sport of soccer, guided by the goals of ‘fun & fitness’ and the principles of ‘friendly competition and respect for all our members’.


The BCMSL recognizes the cultural diversity of the British Columbia soccer community and embraces participants from all ethnicities.

Code of Conduct


All participants in the British Columbia Masters’ Soccer League (BCMSL) agree to abide by our Rules and Policies, exhibit fair play and honesty, and show respect to all other participants. All participants of the BCMSL are expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner while engaged in any BCMSL activities. All participants are encouraged to exercise respectful judgment regarding the safety of our members as well as others who may be at BCMSL events.

As a member of BCMSL you are expected to:

a) Have read the policies and rules and agree to compete/participate within the rules and policies

b) Play within the spirit of the league;   which is to have fun and be social in a sporting environment

c) To participate for your own enjoyment and benefit

d) Treat all participants respectfully without discrimination

e) Compete / participate in the spirit of fair play and honesty

f) Refrain from verbal and or physical abuse of game officials and other players

g) Refrain from deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent

h) Refrain from using profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language

i)  Put the good of the game and your fellow participants safety and enjoyment above the desire to win at all cost

j)  Acknowledge and shake hands with the opposing team members at the end of the game (Optional)

k) Act in a manner that will earn respect for yourself and with the league, both within and outside the competition area

BCMSL Standard of Conduct include but not limited to:

1. Aggressive Behavior:

a) No participants may promote or engage in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and or other negative conduct, which threatens or endanger the health and safety of any person

b) No participants may use aggressive words or threatening body language to harass or intimidate at any time.

c) Any participants initiating excessive or dangerous contact on another player is considered to be behaving aggressively

2. Disorderly Conduct:

a) No participants may participate in a BCMSL game if they are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, regardless the legal status of those substances.

b) Any participant who is under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise impaired, and engages verbally with a referee, player, or team official, is guilty of disorderly conduct and subject to sanction by the discipline committee.

Any violation of the Standard of Conduct may result in penalties, suspension or dismissal from the league.

No refund will be provided for loss of membership privileges due to the breach of the Code of Conduct

BCMSL Administration



BCMSL strives to serve the sporting needs of its participants and shall be administered through a steering committee consisting of the President, the Head Referee, the Scheduler, the Game Supervisor and three appointed members from the league registered teams. The League may appoint/create additional roles within the Administration as required.

The President / Owner of the league

A.  Has the right to nominate, appoint, or remove any member or members of the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and Disciplinary Committee

B.  Shall preside over all BCMSL meetings unless otherwise delegated

C.  Has the right to approve or veto any recommendation made by the standing committees

D.  Is solely responsible for all financial matters of BCMSL.

E.  Is the sole signing authority for BCMSL

F.  Is the legal representative of BCMSL, unless otherwise delegated

G. Is solely responsible for all external correspondence unless otherwise delegated

The Steering Committee

The steering committee’s role is to promote, expand and guide the BCMSL in alignment with the leagues Vision, Code of Conduct, and Rules & Policies

The Steering Committee shall:

a)  Consist of 7 members; the President, the Head Referee, the League Scheduler, the League Game Supervisor and three (3) appointed volunteer members from the league.

b)  Achieve consensus through a majority vote when necessary

c)  Alternate members of the steering committee shall be appointed by the President / Owner for the purpose of creating a quorum

The Disciplinary Committee

1. The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of three (3) members

2. The members shall be players or team officials registered with the BCMSL

3. The Disciplinary Committee shall review all game reports in which referee’s indicate disciplinary issues arose, and all Red Card events generated by the League software.

4. The Disciplinary Committee shall apply the Rules & Policies of BCMSL and may issue penalties greater than the minimum penalties prescribed by the BCMSL rules and regulations.

5. The Disciplinary Committee may apply sanctions to players, team officials, and teams or clubs as is warranted by the transgression.

6. The Disciplinary Committee's penalties and sanctions may be appealed ONLY if they are greater than the league minimum prescribed penalty.   

BCMSL Playing Seasons



BCMSL will operate two (2) Seasons’ each year.

1.     Winter Season League (from September to March)

2.     Summer Season League (from May to August)


There is no Team Registration Fee required for a team to register with the BCMSL.

Each player must pay a Player Registration Fee ($25) to participate in the BCMSL. (Teams may elect to pay this fee on behalf of their players)

BOND: Each Team is required to post a Performance Bond of $250 

A.    Team Bond ($250) and the initial 12 player registration fees ($300) must be paid at time of Registration and acceptance into the league.  

B.  Team Bond will be refunded (minus any outstanding fees or penalties owed to the league) when a team leaves the league  

C.  If the team payments and outstanding balance (if any) as per section A above has not been made before the registration deadline, the league reserves the right to cancel the team registration or apply a $200 late fee

D. Any Team failing to register 12 players by the player registration deadline will be assessed an additional late fee of $200

E. Any team leaving the league once the season is in progress will not be refunded any fees (player or team) and may be subject to fines and penalties for forfeit of scheduled games

F. Any team leaving the league once the season is in progress will responsible for the assigned field rental fees for the season unless a  replacement team is found or the league is able to mitigate the cost of the field rental

Team Coach's & Manager's Responsibilities



The Coach / Manager shall:

A.  Be responsible for their team understanding and adhering to the BCMSL Rules & Regulations, shall be the primary contact point for the League, and will attend all league meetings (or arrange for alternate representation at league meetings)

B.  Make team members aware of the BCMSL Rules & Policies

C.  Prior to registering a player, ensure that the player is qualified to join the team and is not registered with another team in the BCMSL (Double Registered) 

D.  Control their players in and around the field of play before, during, and after every game

E.  Be responsible to enforce disciplinary action related to their team - such as player’s suspensions

F.  Will ensure the team has a complete set of COORDINATED UNIFORMS (Jersey, Shorts & Socks) with unique numbers

G. Ensure that as the HOME team, they have an alternate set of jerseys in case of colour clash with the visiting team

H. Ensure that the field of play is properly marked prior to a game (If a game is cancelled due to failure of having the field properly marked is considered as a Forfeited Game by the home Team)  

I. Ensure that a linesperson is available at all times during the game and that the linespersons exchange side at halftime 

J.  Be responsible for producing acceptable ID for their players upon request by the referee or the opposing team

K.  Be responsible to provide 2 copies of the BCMSL Official Printed Roster to the referee before the game begins

L.   Be responsible to ensure that players whose names are not on the Team Roster do not play in a match 

M.  Be responsible for providing the name of a player upon request by the referee

N.  Ensure their team players to complete the registration with accurate information (correct birthdate, name, phone number, and address)

Team Manager’s Complaints about a game officiating will only be considered in writing

NOTE: Any team found providing misleading player registration information will be fined a minimum of $200 per player, and BCMSL reserves the right for further disciplinary action

Head Referee & Referee Policies



The Head Referee:

§   Shall be a member of the League Executive

§  Shall be responsible for providing game officials for all scheduled games

§  Shall ensure that all referees are qualified to the satisfaction of the league

§  Shall be responsible for ensuring that all referees abide by the BCMSL Referees’ Rules & Policies

§  Shall provide corrective coaching for Referees that are not performing to the satisfaction of the league

§  Shall ensure that referees file accurate game reports and correct any erroneous information filed by a referee.

 The Referee:

The Referee’s Game Fee is set at $100 per game – payable as $50 per team. THE FEE must be paid prior to the start of the Match.

Referees are invited to participate in the BCMSL at the sole discretion of the league. Referees are not employees of the league. There is no fee to register as a referee in BCMSL, but referees are responsible for registering and maintaining updated contact information with the league.

The referee at each match:

a)     Is mandated to enforce the Laws of Soccer and the Rules and Regulations of the BCMSL.

b)     Will identify and introduce themselves to both teams’ officials prior to the start of a match.

c)      Must ensure that the field is properly set up (lines, nets and corner flags) to their satisfaction prior to the start of a game

d)     Has sole authority to determine if a field is playable and may at their discretion cancel a game to protect the players OR the field from harm.  Referee will be paid half the game fee (the home team's portion) when attending a game where the referee determines that the field is not playable

e)     Must obtained a copy of the teams’ rosters prior to the game and have all attending players checked on the roster.

f)      Shall not proceed with a game when the Official BCMSL Team Roster is not available from any one team (Referee will be fully compensated)


g)     Shall proceed with a game if any of the Team Rosters have been altered (Handwritten Name/s) and will report the discrepancy to the other team manager, and the league, and will submit the team rosters to the league for review. In this circumstance the Referee will be provided with government issued ID for every player that was handwritten on the roster. If the players are unable to produce government issued ID, they MAY NOT participate in the game. If the game is cancelled due to invalid rosters the Referee will be fully Compensated by the non-compliant team.


h)     Must ensure that all players in the field of play are wearing   protective game equipment

i)       Must ensure that all players in the field of play are free of jewelry (Exception Wedding Band)

j)      Shall be paid the full game fee if a game is started later than 15 minutes past the scheduled time, or if the referee assumes control of a game that has begun and referees more than half of the game.

k)     Are not obligated to play a full 90-minute match (Referee’s Discretion)

l)       Will allow the maximum time of 15 minutes past the scheduled time if either team is waiting for the minimum number of players to field a team

m)   Is the sole controller of the game in the absence of linespersons

n)     Has the right to abandon a game if at anytime feels threatened or that a player or team is not recognizing his authority. (Loss of control of the game)

o)     Must within 24 hours submit a Game Report via the BCMSL website; including the match result (Team Score/s & Scorer/s) and disciplinary cards and, if there is a significant incident during the game, copies of the team rosters

p)     Shall meet with the team both Managers / Coaches at the end of the match to review and validate all the player statistics from the match. This information once entered will not be changed by the League.     

q)     Must complete an Incident Report via website in case of a red card arising from other than a professional foul such as inside or outside the field of play

r)      Shall use their discretion and immediately stop a game in case of a player appears to be injured


Game Report Infractions:

First Infraction:

A referee’s failure to submit a game report as per Section (o) above will result in a warning

Second Infraction:

A referee’s repeated failure to submit a game report as per Section (o) above will result in the referee’s future game scheduling be reviewed by the league 

Game Cancellation Policy:

Referees will be paid in full for any game that is cancelled by a team within 48hrs of the scheduled kick off time.  Referees will not be compensated for games that are cancelled if the Referee is assigned a replacement game on the same day.

Referees will not be compensated for games cancelled or rescheduled by the league regardless the amount of noticed provided to the Referee or the nature of the cause for the change to the schedule.  

Referee’s MAY NOT open a field that has been ‘Closed’ by a municipality or other government agency. 

Age Participation & Underage Player



All players must be of the age of the minimum age of the division in which they are playing. (i.e. a player must be 50 years of age to play in the Over 50’s division of BCMSL.)

A players age is the oldest age of the player during the season in which they are participating.  (i.e. a player who is 49 and turns 50 on June 1st would be considered to be 50 years old during the Summer season, and therefore eligible to play in the Over 50’s Division of BCMSL)


Teams that move up an age group may ‘grandfather’ all players who were registered on their team in the previous season (Winter or Summer) and do not currently meet the minimum age requirement of the division in which the team is now registered.

The team must ‘normalize’ their roster within two years of moving up into a new division. This means that by the start of year three the team has no players that are more than two years under the minimum age to participate in the division.

Grandfathered players are only eligible to play on the team that ‘grandfathered’ them into the age group and may not transfer to another team in the age group.

All teams may register underage players on their team so long as the players are within two years of the minimum age of the division in which the team is playing.

At no time shall a team have more than three underage players on the field of play. Violation of this rule will result in the forfeit of the match.

Each team is responsible for tracking the activity of the opposing teams’ underage players and shall notify the referee if more than three underage players are on the field at same time.  

Underage Player Violation

Any team found playing an underage player that is not properly registered as an underage player will be assessed the following penalties:

A.      First Violation: The Team will be assessed a fine of $200, the player will be banned from the league for not less than 1 year, and the team Manager / Coach will be assessed a one (1) game suspension  

B.     Second Violation: The Team will be assessed a fine of $300, the player banned from the league for not less than one year, and the team Manager / Coach will be assessed a 2 game suspension  

C.     Third Violation: The Team will be dismissed from the league.

The Team will also be assessed the following:

1.   In each instance the offending team will be assessed a loss and three (3) goals against      

The opponent will be awarded the following:

A.      A Win 

B.      Three (3) Goals for

Player Registration Policies



All Players must be registered with the League to participate in the BCMSL 

Players must:

1.      Register before playing any game in BCMSL

2.      Register on one (1) team only

3.     Themselves complete fully and accurately the registration form

4.      Acknowledge and accept the BCMSL Participation Waiver

5.     Upload a recent picture (headshot only - no sunglasses or hats)

Registration Violations

First Infraction

Any Player or Manager not complying with the Registration Rules & Policies will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) year and their team fined $200. The fine must be paid before the player or manager may be re-instated and before the team plays its’ next match.

Second Infraction

Any Player or Manger who has repeated non-compliance with the BCMSL Registration Rules & Policies will be banned from the league. The team will also be dismissed from the league.

Team Roster, Substitution & Call Up Policies



The following Rules & Policies will apply:

1. The Official Game Roster from both teams must be presented to the game Official prior to the start of the game

2. The Team Game  Roster is valid only if it is printed from the BCMSL website (2 copies)

3. Any Team who provides a Non-Official Team Game Roster will be assessed a loss in case of a win and the opponent will be awarded a three (3) goal win for the game 

4. Handwritten name of player/s can be added on any Official Team Game Roster and MUST be reported to both the referee and the opposing manager. The referee will submit the forms to the league per the league Referee policies. 

5. Handwritten Players Uniform Numbers are permitted

Team Roster Violations

A.   The Team Official Game Roster from both teams must be presented to the game official prior to the start of the game

B.   If neither team provides an Official Team Game Roster form, the referee shall cancel the game

C.  Any Team who failed to abide by Section A and B, resulting in the cancellation of the game will be assessed a ‘forfeit’ and loss of the game.

D.  Cancelled games will NOT be re-scheduled

Player Substitution 

A.  Player substitutions are allowed at anytime on a dead ball situation as per FIFA rules. Player substitutions are unlimited and players may re-enter the game. 

B.  A player on the field receiving a Red card may not be replaced by a substitute

C.  Fair Play - 60’s and 65’s when players from both teams are ejected from a game for a Red Card infraction the teams may continue to field 11 players per side UNLESS one of the teams does not have a substitute available in which case the game must carry on with an equal number of players from both teams. 

Team Complement (Guest Player/s Call Up), and Club  Rules & Policies 

Team Complement

A team in BCMSL must have at least 18 registered players to be considered a viable team. This threshold is to protect players and ensure teams can field a full squad for every scheduled match. Teams with less than 18 players may be denied further participation in the BCMSL. The league recommends at least 20 players per team and notes the average number of players per team is currently more than 22.

Club Concept Definition:

All Teams belonging to an organization or association participating in multiple divisions may operate as a single ‘Club’.

Each Team belonging to a "Club" must have a minimum of 16 registered players. The Club average team roster size must be not less than 18 players per team.


Inter Club Call UP (ICP)

1. Teams may ‘call up’ a maximum of 5 players per game.

The BCMSL CALL UP System is designed to assist teams who temporarily need players to field a full complement of players for a game, not to increase the talent of the squad

a)  A Team can CALL UP player/s from any division so long as the player/s are of the minimum age of the division in which they will be playing.  

b)  A Team can not CALL UP any underage player/s from the same division

d)  In the spirit of fun and fitness and respectful competition, a team may ‘borrow’ players from the opposing team so long as the borrowed player'/s name appear on the roster. The Referee shall note the transfer of the player(s) in the match report.  The game shall be played as a normal game and the result will be recorded as such. 

Game Rules



BCMSL follows the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game with minor exceptions.

Player Substitution 

A.      Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions

Player’s Personal Attire 

A.      All players must wear game safety gear (shin guards, shoes)

B.      All players must remove all jewellery (wedding bands excepted)  

Sliding and Tackling

A.     Slide Tackling is not permitted

B.      Sliding is permitted by a Goalkeeper for a save

C.      Sliding is permitted by a player to save a ball ONLY when an opponent is not in close proximity


A.      At the referee’s discretion, the referee will stop a game if a player appears to be injured

B.     The referee will immediately stop a game if a player appears to have suffered a head injury or other significant injury.

Game Cancellation Policies



Teams may NOT cancel games under any circumstance except for:

A.    Field closure - per the fields’ governing agency (i.e. municipality)

B.    Field is not playable - per the referee’s assessment

C.   Field is not properly marked to the satisfaction of the referee (forfeit by home team)

D.  Special Circumstance - If any cancellation is required by a team due to Special Circumstances, the Cancel Game Form must be completed as soon as practicable and ideally more than 48hrs prior to the game. All cancelled games (for reasons other than A or B) are considered forfeits by the team who cancels the match. The League will determine if the Forfeiture policy applies to games cancelled for special circumstances.

      (Lacking sufficient players is not a Special Circumstance

 E. The BCMSL follows the field closure policies of the agencies that provide the fields to the league.  Home teams are responsible for ensuring games are cancelled when the field is closed by the municipality – and will ensure the field is inspected and assessed for playability in those jurisdictions that allow fields to be used at the discretion of the teams (League). A game day inspection should be conducted not less than 2 hours before the scheduled start time so the visiting team may be alerted to a closure before they leave for the match.


Game Cancellation Team Discipline: 

The Cancel Game Form must be completed when a game is cancelled, failure to do so is an administrative violation – directly notifying the League (Scheduler or GM), or other team, is not an acceptable alternative to the Cancel Game Form.

In the case where a field inspection is required before a game, Section E above is applicable.

First Infraction:

A.   A team correctly cancelling the game but failing to provide the proper period of notice shall be fined $50

Second Infraction:

B.  A team correctly cancelling the game but failing to provide the proper period of notice a second time shall be fined $100

Third Infraction:

C. A team correctly cancelling the game but failing to provide the proper period of notice a third time shall be fined $250

Forfeited / Cancelled Game: (The 48 hours minimum notice is applicable)

If a team must cancel a game due to lack of players, or for other reasons of convenience, the game is a forfeit and the league rules regarding forfeiting games apply.

Referee's compensation

1. Should a game be cancelled with more than 48hrs notice there will not be any Referee's Compensation

2. Should a game be cancelled within the 48hrs notice, the Scheduled Referee will be paid their full fee – notwithstanding the conditions described in the Referee Section of the BCMSL Rules and Regulations

For all cancelled games, the team that cancelled the game is responsible for the costs associated with the scheduled match – including Referee fees and field rental charges. This shall be assessed as not less than $150 in costs and may be adjusted to reflect any costs in excess of this amount.

A team that forfeits a game is subject to $100 penalty for the first forfeiture of the season.

If a team forfeits a second game in a season the team is subject to a $200 penalty.

If a team forfeits more than two games in a season the League may dismiss the team from the league and/or may refuse further participation by the team in future seasons. 

Disciplinary Rules, Policies & Procedures



The League President / Owner shall appoint three (3) or more members from the league to the disciplinary committee. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive as needed.

All disciplinary actions shall be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee

The disciplinary committee shall:

a)    consist of no less than 3 members

b)    appoint one of their members as a secretary for the purpose of correspondence 

c)    review all disciplinary reports within 7 days of reception of all documents submitted

d)    review all disciplinary appeals within 7 days of reception of all documents submitted

e)    apply any sanction or dismissal once the review has been completed

f)     after review, shall forward their final assessment to the individual or parties involved in writing within the time limit

At the discretion of the committee the Head Referee may be consulted on disciplinary matters. 

A disciplinary committee member must recluse himself/herself from any disciplinary review if the player in question is a member on the committee member’s team or club and/or if the incident occurred in a game including the committee member’s team

Disciplinary Committee rulings are not appealable unless the imposed penalty is in excess of a league minimum prescribed penalty. 

The League President / Owner reserves the right to impose further penalties and sanctions when it is deemed appropriate and in the interest of the league.

Disciplinary Card Issuance



Yellow Cards 

A.     All yellow cards are recorded

B.    Player Accumulation:
Accumulation of three (3) yellow cards in a season will command a one (1) game suspension - to be served at the next scheduled game.
Accumulation of five (5) yellow cards in a season will command a one (1) game suspension – to be served at the next scheduled game.
Accumulation of seven (7) yellow cards in a season will command a two (2) game suspension – to be served over the next 2 scheduled games.  
Accumulation of more than 7 yellow cards in a season will result in a minimum one (1) year suspension.

C.  Two (2) yellow cards in a game shall trigger issuance of a red card and a minimum of a one game suspension. 

D.    Slide Tackling will warrant a Yellow Card - (At the referee’s discretion)

E.   A Yellow Card may be issued for the following infractions:

b)   Persistent verbal, harassment of opponents or fellow team member

c)   Verbal abuse or indecent gesture towards a match official

d)  Charging of the Goalkeeper – Incidental contact with the goalkeeper.

Red Card

A.       All Red Cards are recorded

B.       A player receiving a red card is automatically suspended for the next game.

C.      A player receiving two (2) Red Cards in a season will automatically be suspended for two (2) games, in addition to any other suspension determined by the disciplinary committee.

D.     A player who has been ejected from the game and while outside the field of play proceeds to harass and insult the referee will be assessed an additional three (3) game suspension.

E.     A player who in a season receives a second (2) red card for foul and abusive language and persistent criticism of referee’s calls will be assessed a four (4) game suspension.

F.     A player who receives a third (3) red card for foul and abusive language and persistent criticism of referee’s calls will be assessed an indefinite suspension. Re-instatement must by approved by the League President.  

G.      A player receiving three (3) Red Cards in a season will be suspended indefinitely and must appeal to the Discipline Committee for re-instatement to the league. Re-instatement must by approved by the League President.  

H.    A red card is issued for any physical altercation including but not limited to; kicking, punching, fighting, elbowing, head-butting, grappling, physical contact of a game official, or inciting fighting, will result in a Minimum five (5) game suspension.

I.   A red card issued for any Professional Foul, such as preventing a scoring opportunity, shall trigger a Minimum one (1) game suspension.

Red card mandatory minimum discipline:

Players receiving a red card for any of the following

a)  Intentional tripping of an opponent - Minimum of three (3) game suspension 

b) Persistent harassments, abusive language, improper gestures or threats towards game or BCMSL officials - Minimum of three (3) game suspension

c)   Kicking an opponent or teammate with intent  - Minimum of five (5) games suspension

d)   Punching an opponent or teammate - Minimum of five (5) game suspension

e)  Headbutting an opponent or teammate - Minimum of five (5) game suspension

f)   Elbowing an opponent or teammate with intent  - Minimum of five (5) game suspension

g)   Tackling an opponent recklessly or without regard for injury (Serious Foul Play)  - Minimum of three (3) game suspension

h)   Spitting on an opponent or teammate - Minimum of five (5) game suspension

i)  Fighting or participating in a fight with an opponent or teammate - Minimum of five (5) game suspension

j)  Entering the field of play to engage an opposing player or game official in a verbal or physical confrontation - Minimum of three (3) game suspension.

League Minimum penalties are not subject to appeal. The Disciplinary Committee may issue penalties in excess of the League minimum penalties when they determine such penalties are appropriate. The League President reserves the right to issue extraordinary discipline (up to and including dismissal of players, teams and clubs) as needed to protect the interests of the league and its’ participants.

Parks & Recreations and School Board Policies



BCMSL has agreed to and will enforce the Parks & School Boards policies of our providing agencies such as:

A.     Field Closure (No Game or Practice)

B.    “Zero Alcohol Tolerance”

C.    Use of foul Language

D.    Indiscrete Urinating

E.    Neighbourhood Littering

F.     Use of illegal Substances

BCMSL will work with the providing agency to enforce the agreed upon rules and regulations and impose appropriate penalties on those teams that violate the rules and policies of the providing agency.  

Incident Report


All Incident Reports: (Beside Professional Foul in the field of play)

a) must be completed individually by the referee / both teams

b) must be completed and submitted to the Disciplinary Committee within 48 hours of the game end.

In the event you witness or experience threatening or inappropriate behavior by any individual, please report the incident immediately to the team manager or the league so that appropriate action can be taken. 

Divisional Winners' Recognition


Playoffs - Divisional Recognition

BCMSL offers the opportunity to for respectful competition and will acknowledge the top tops all divisions except the Over 60 and Over 65 age groups. The top four teams in each division will be invited to participate in a single elimination playoff tournament.   

The Playoff:

The top four teams in each age division will be invited to participate in the playoff.  For any division with two pools of teams, the top two teams from each pool will be play in a crossover playoff format (1v2 & 2v1). For any division with a single pool the top four teams will playoff (1v4 & 2v3). 

Standings for each division will be determined after 12 weeks of competition and will be based on average points per game ranking. If tied, head-to-head results and then goals for.

The playoff games will be held in weeks 13 and 14 in place of the regular season games – dates and venues TBD. (Teams not in the playoffs will play their regular scheduled matches in weeks 13 and 14)

If a team opts not to participate in the playoff the league will appoint a replacement team based on standings.

Any team that has forfeited more than 1 game during the season is not eligible for the playoffs.

Fines & Outstanding Balances


Fines & Outstanding Balance Rules & Policies 

1. All Fines and Outstanding Balances must be paid within 7 days of being issued to the team.
2. Team/s may not be scheduled for play if all Fines/Outstanding Balances have not been paid.

Any monies owed to the BCMSL for fines or outstanding fees for more than seven days will be deducted from the team performance bond. Any team that does not have a full bond posted with the league is considered ‘not in good standing’ and may be dismissed from the league or denied the opportunity to participate in a subsequent season of play.