Rules & Policies

Mission Statement

The vision of BCMSL is to connect the multiculturalism societies of British Columbia through the game of soccer for “FUN & FITNESS”

Code of Conduct

All participants in the British Columbia Masters Soccer League (BCMSL) agree to exhibit fair play and honesty while respecting the rules and policies. Once the registration has been reviewed and accepted, all participants of the (BCMSL) are expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner while engaged in BCMSL activities. All participants agree to abide by all BCMSL rules and policies. All participants are encouraged to exercise respectful judgment regarding the safety of all members as well as others.
As a member of BCMSL you are expected to:
a)   Have read the policies and rules and agree to compete/participate within the rules and policies
b)   Play within the spirit of the league which is to have fun and be social in a sport setting
c)    To participate for your own enjoyment and benefit
d)   Treat all participants respectfully without discrimination.
e)   Compete / participate in the spirit of fair play and honesty
f)    Refrain from verbal and or physical abuse of game officials and other players
g)   Refrain from deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent
h)   Refrain from using profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the context of BCMSL activities
i)     Put the good of the game and your fellow participants safety and enjoyment above the desire to win at all cost
j)     Accolade with the opposing team at the end of the game (Optional)
k)   Act in a manner that will bring credit to yourself and to the league within and outside the competition area
BCMSL Standard of Conduct include but not limited to:
1.   Aggressive Behavior:
a)   No participants may promote or engage in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and or other negative conduct, which threatens or endanger the health and safety of any person.
b)   No participants may use aggressive words to harass the referees in or outside the field of play.
c)    Any participants disregarding the “NON-CONTACT” rule is considered to be behaving aggressively
2.   Disorderly Conduct:
a)   No participants may engage in disorderly conduct associated with the consumption of alcohol and or illegal substances while engaged in BCMSL activities.
Any violation of the Standard of Conduct may result in penalties, suspension or loss of membership in the league
No refund will be provided for loss of membership privileges due to the breach of the Code of Conduct

BCMSL Administration

BCMSL for fairness, shall be administered through a steering committee consisting of 5 appointed members from the league registered teams, the league coordinator and the league scheduler.
The President / Owner of the league
A.   Has the right to nominate/appoint/remove a Vice President (Non- Voting) and any non-elected member or members to the steering committee as needed.
B.   Shall preside over all BCMSL meetings unless otherwise delegated. 
C.   Has the right to approve or veto any recommendation made by the steering committee.
D.   Is solely responsible for all financial matters of BCMSL.
E.   Is the sole signing authority for BCMSL.
F.   Is the representative of BCMSL, unless otherwise delegated  
G.   Is solely responsible for all external correspondence unless otherwise delegated.


The steering committee’s role is to promote, expand and manage the BCMSL Vision, Code of Conduct and Policies & Rules
The Steering Committee shall:
a)   Consist of 7 members, 5 appointed volunteer members from the league, the league coordinator, and the scheduler.
b)   Achieve consensus through a majority vote
c)    Alternate members of the steering committee shall be appointed by the President / Owner for the purpose of a quorum


a)   A quorum is required for each meeting to be consolidated (no less than 3 appointed members)
b)   Meetings will be scheduled as needed

BCMSL League Seasons

BCMSL will have two (2) Seasons’ Participation Yearly
A.   Winter Season League
B.   Summer Season League

A.   All team fees must be paid by the deadline set up by the League (please see BCMSL website)
B.   Any payment made after the deadline will be assessed an additional fee of $100 for administration purposes.
C.   If the team payment and additional assessment as per section B above has not been received by the second (2) week of the league start, the team will be removed from the schedule

Age Participation

All players must be in the age group of their Division on the day the game is played. There are to be no exceptions to this rule except for the underage player provision.


A.   All teams in all divisions are allowed a maximum of two (2) underage players per roster
B.   The underage players must be born in the following year with no exception:
1.    Over 40 the player must be born in the year 1982 or before
2.    Over 50 the player must be born in the year 1972 or before
3.    Over 55 the player must be born in the year 1967 or before
4.    Over 60 the player must be born in the year 1962 or before
5.    Over 65 the player must be born in the year 1957 or before
(The League will exercise their discretion when applying the underage policies for the Over 60 and Over 65)

Underage Player Violation:

A.   First Violation: Any team found playing an underage player will automatically be fined $100.00 and have
3 points deducted from their standing
B.   Second Violation: Any team found playing an underage player for a second time will automatically be fined $300.00 and have 6 points deducted from their standing
C.   Third Violation: Any team found playing an underage player will automatically be suspended from the league.

Team Coach's & Manager's Responsibilities

Coach / Manager shall:

A.   Be responsible for their team
B.   Make team members aware of the BCMSL Rules & Policies
C.   Exercise control of their players during a game in and outside the field of play
D.   Be the team representative when dealing with BCMSL representative on all matters
E.    Be responsible to enforce disciplinary action such as player’s suspension taken by BCMSL
F.    Be responsible for the team to have a set of COORDINATED UNIFORM (Minimum a set of Jersey, Shorts & Socks) with numbers 
G.   Ensure that the team has a change of jerseys in case of colour clash when playing away games
H.   Ensure that a linesperson is available at all time during the game and that the linesperson exchange side at halftime
I.    Be responsible for ensuring that all players are registered (may do so themselves)
J.    Be responsible for producing acceptable ID for their players upon request by the referee or the opposing team
K.   Be responsible to provide a printed roster to the referee and the opposing team
L.    Be responsible for providing the name of a player upon request by the referee
M.  Be responsible to instruct the team players to complete the registration without misleading information 
Team Manager’s Complaint about a game officiating will only be considered in writing
NOTE: Any team found providing player’s misleading information during registration will automatically be fined a minimum of $100 per player, and BCMSL may consider further action.

Head Referee's & Referee's Policies


The Head Referee:

a)   Is responsible for providing game officials with all scheduled games
b)   Must ensure that all referees are qualified to the satisfaction of the league
The Referee:

(The Referee’s Registration Fee is set at $25 per season)
(The Referee’s Game Fee is set at $80 per game)
a)   Is individually responsible for their application and registration with BCMSL
b)   Is solely responsible for the Registration Fee as above 
c)    Is the sole controller of the game in the absence of linespersons
d)   Must obtained a copy of the teams’ rosters prior to the game
e)   Must ensure that all players in the field of play are wearing protective game equipment
f)    Must ensure that all players in the field of play are free of jewelry (Exception Wedding Band)
g)   Must submit a Game Report via the website, including the match result (Team Score/s & Scorer/s) including disciplinary cards within 24 hours.
h)   Must complete an Incident Report via website in case of a red card arising from other than a professional foul such as inside or outside the field of play
i)     At the referee’s discretion, will immediately stop a game in case of a player appears to be injured
j)     If a game become uncontrollable the referee can stop the game at anytime at his discretion 
k)   Must be paid the full game fee if a game is started later than 15 minutes past the scheduled time, the referee is not obligated to play the full 90 minutes (Referee’s Discretion)
l)     Will be paid half the game fee when attending a game where both teams and the referee agree that the field is not playable
m)  Will allow the maximum time of 15 minutes past the scheduled time if either team is waiting for the minimum number of players

First Infraction:
A referee’s failure to submit a game report as per Section (g) above will result in a warning
Second Infraction:
A referee’s failure to submit a game report as per Section (g) above will result in the referee’s scheduling be reviewed by the league

Game Rules

BCMSL endorse the F.I.F.A. rules except for the following amendments:
Player Personal Attire

A.   All players in the field of play must wear game equipment 
B.   All players in the field of play must remove all jewellery
Sliding and Tackling

A.   No Slide Tackling is permitted
B.   Sliding is permitted by a Goalkeeper for a save
C.    Sliding is permitted by a player to save a ball without an opponent contest

A.   (At the referee’s discretion), the referee will immediately stop a game if a player appears to be injured
B.   The referee will immediately stop a game if a player appears to be critically injured
      and outside assistance is required.


A.   Substitutions are allowed at anytime on a dead ball situation as per FIFA rules
B.   Over 40’s substitution is not allowed when a player is ejected for a Red Card.
C.   Over 50’s, 55’s, 60’s and 65’s Substitution is allowed when a player is ejected from the game for a justified foul or misconduct
D.   Fair Play - Over 50’s, 55’s, 60’s and 65’s when players from both teams are ejected from a game for a Red Card infraction and one of the teams does not have a substitute for the team complement, the game must carry on with an equal number of players from both teams.

Game Cancellation Policies

There will be no game cancellation except for the following:
A.   Field closure as per the Parks & Recreations and School Boards
B.   Field is not playable as per both teams’ and the referee’s assessments
Team Complement
A.   If a Team does not have a full roster of 11 players for a game, the team may add to their roster registered player/s from other teams of the same age group or higher or 2 underage players as per the Under Age Player Policies.
B.   The team roster must not exceed 11 players when section (A) above is applied (No substitute is allowed)
Forfeited Game Cancellation Team Discipline:

First Infraction:
A.   The forfeited team will be assessed the field and full referee’s fees
B.   The team will have 3 points deducted from their standing (The opponent will be declared the winner)
C.   The team will be assessed three (3) goals against (The opponent will receive three (3) goals for the win)
Second Infraction:
A.   The forfeited team will be assessed the field and full referee’s fees
B.   The team will be assessed a league fine of $200 and be put on probation for a year as of the date of the infraction
C.   The team will have 6 points deducted from their standing (The opponent will be declared the winner)
D.   The team will be assessed six (6) goals against (The opponent will receive three (3) goals for the win)
Third Infraction:
The team will be suspended from the league

Disciplinary Rules & Procedures

Disciplinary Committee Duties

1.     The disciplinary committee shall:
a)   Consist of no less than 3 members
b)   appoint one of their members as a secretary for the purpose of correspondence  
c)    review all disciplinary reports within 7 days of reception of all documents
d)   review all disciplinary appeals within 7 days of reception of all documents submitted.
e)   apply any sanction or dismissal once the review has been completed
f)    after review, shall forward their final assessment to the individual or parties involved in writing within the time limit.
2.     The President / Owner shall appoint / volunteer, three (3) or more members from the league to the disciplinary committee.
3.     Each disciplinary matter will be reviewed by a group of three (3) members of the disciplinary committee together with the Referees Coordinator. (The Referees; Coordinator is included to advise the committee but does not have a vote in the adjudication.
4.     A disciplinary committee member must recluse himself/herself from any disciplinary review if the player in question is a member on the member’s team or club and/or if the incident occurred in a game including the member’s team. 
Final assessments of the Disciplinary Committee are not appeal-able

League Suspension

Player’s Suspension

A.   The Referee will be notified of any player’s suspension through the Website Notification System
B.   Team caught playing a suspended player will be fined $100 on the First Offence$200 on the Second Offence and Suspended for the Third Offence

A.   A player has the right to appeal a suspension to the Disciplinary Committee
B.   A response to the player’s appeal will be rendered within 7 days of the appeal.
C.   A player will automatically sit out his next game if the appeal is delayed due to insufficient information while his appeal is under review.

Disciplinary Card Issuance

Yellow Cards

A.   All yellow cards are recorded
B.   Accumulation of four (3) yellow cards in a season will command a one (1) game suspension (The Next Game), after the fourth (3) yellow card is issued
C.   Two (2) yellow cards in a game command a red card and a one game suspension (The Next Game)
D.   Slide Tackling (At the referee’s discretion) will command at a minimum a Yellow Card
E.    A Yellow Card (At the referee’s discretion) will be issued for a cooling off period of 10 minutes for the following infractions:
a)   Tendency to rough play
b)   Persistent verbal, harassment of opponents or fellow team member
c)    Verbal abuse or indecent gesture towards the referee will command at a minimum a Yellow Card
d)   Charging of the Goalkeeper
e)   Managers / Assistant Managers using persistent verbal abuse and or indecent gesture towards the referee will command at a minimum a Yellow Card

Red Card

A.   All Red Cards are recorded
B.   A player receiving a red card is automatically suspended for the next game unless cleared by the disciplinary Committee
C.   A player receiving two (2) Red Cards in a season will automatically be suspended for 2 games after the second red card is issued unless cleared by the Disciplinary Committee
D.   A red card will be issued to a player who has been ejected from the game with persistent criticism and disputing of referee’s calls will be assessed a two (2) games suspension
E.    A second (2) red card will be issued to a player who has been ejected from the game with repeated persistent criticism and disputing of referee’s calls in a season will be assessed a four (4) games suspension
F.    A third (3) red card will be issued to a player who has been ejected from the game with repeated persistent criticism and disputing of referee’s calls in a season will be assessed an indefinite suspension  
G.   A player receiving three (3) Red Cards in a season will automatically be suspended indefinitely after the third red card is issued unless cleared by the Disciplinary Committee
H.   A red card is issued for any physical altercation including but not limited to kicking, punching, fighting, head-butting, grappling or inciting fighting with a Minimum of three (3) games suspension.
A red card is issued for:
a.    Intentional kicking of an opponent with a Minimum ofthree (3) games suspension
a)   Punching with a Minimum of three (3) games suspension
b)   Fighting with a Minimum of three (3) games suspension
c)    Tackling an opponent with intent to injure with a Minimum of three (3) games suspension
d)   Spitting on the opponent or teammate with a Minimum of five (5) games suspension
e)   Head-Butting of an opponent or teammate with a Minimum of three (3) games suspension

Parks & Recreation and School Board Policies

BCMSL endorses the Parks & School Boards policies such as:
A.   Field Closure
B.   “Zero Alcohol Tolerance”
C.   Use of foul Language
D.   Indiscrete Urinating
E.    Use of illegal Substances
If the use of a Parks / School Boards field is withdrawn due to the violation of the Parks / School Boards Policies, the team responsible for the violation will be suspended.

COVID-19 Protocols

The BCMSL is an outdoor Soccer League operating year-round. In response to the BC Government & Via Sports BC, Soccer Return To Play (Phase 3), the BCMSL will adopt but not limit itself to the recommended Guidelines when occupying all Municipal, Provincial, Recreational Parks and School Boards outdoor facilities.


- Participant/s from other soccer organization is/are not allowed to participate in BCMSL activities
- Prior to any participation in the BCMSL activities, all registered participants must sign the waiver acknowledging that they have read and agreed to abide by the BCMSL COVID19 protocols as set up below
- Unregistered individual will not be allowed to participate in any BCMSL activities
- Prior to attending a BCMSL activity, all participants must inform the team/club and the League if any member of their household has or experienced any of the Corona Virus symptoms or has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. 
- Participant/s must inform the team manager/coach and the League if they have experienced any of the Corona Virus symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite in the last 14 days
- Participants will be routinely contacted to inquire about their state of health
- Individual Team with specific schedule (Day, Time, & Field) assigned by the Municipal Parks & Recreations/School Boards/the League will not be allowed to make changes to the schedule 
- Each Team with no more than 25 participants, will occupy their own space on each sideline of the field respectively, while practising social distancing when not in the field of play
- Team sharing of beverages (Water Bottles) is not allowed
- Throw-ins are not allowed (Handled as an indirect free kick from the sideline)
- Avoid spitting and nose clearing as much as possible 
- Accolades during and after the game (Handshakes, high fives, hugging) will not be exercised
- All game balls will be sanitized repeatedly throughout the game 
- Post game teams Socializing on the field is not allowed 
- Dressing Room use (If any) will be restricted as per the social distancing protocol or Municipal recommendations
- Soiled game equipment/uniforms will not be shared
- All team equipment is to be handled by the designated staff only
- Wearing a mask is mandatory when social distancing is not possible
- Wearing a mask during BCMSL activities is encouraged but not mandatory when social distancing is possible 
- Game officiald will be staying within their “Group/Co-hort” as much as possible 

As a responsible organization BCMSL will notify the Health & Safety Authorities if any participant or member/s of their household is identified with the Corona Virus symptoms.


All Complaints:

a)   forms are available on the BCMSL web page
b)   regardless of the nature of the complaint a Compliant Form must be completed and submitted within 48 hours of the completion of a game.
c)    submissions must be in writing and forwarded in due time
d)   will be investigated, and a response will be forwarded to the complainant within 7 days of the date of submission

Incident Report

All Incident Reports: (Beside Professional Foul in the filed of play)

a)   must be completed individually by the referee / both teams
b)   must be completed and submitted to the Disciplinary Committee within 48 hours after the game.
In the event you witness or experience threatening or inappropriate behavior by any individual, please report the incident immediately to the team manager or the league so that appropriate action can be taken

Divisional Playoff

All Divisions
The League will recognize the top 2 teams in each pool and in each division
The concept is to have a weekend long festivity where all the teams can get together, families included for some fun and have a playoff to decide the winners of each division.
The playoff will be contested among the top 4 teams of each division
The following rule and system will apply for the divisions:
1.    A Standing Chart for each division will be visible on the website
2.    The Chart will be updated weekly
The Chart will consist of the following as per below (Sample):
3.    The point system will consist of the following:
a.    3 Points for a win
b.    1 point for a draw
c.    0 point for a loss